Bookmark videos Bookmark thousands of videos and watch them later in RealPlayer

Love video but don’t want to download them all? New video bookmarking from RealPlayer is a quick and easy way to collect, organise and share videos from thousands of websites.

Bookmark videos
Keep all your favourite videos in one place

The 'Bookmark This Video' is a new feature that lets you bookmark videos from thousands of websites and access them quickly and easily from your RealPlayer library. Now you can keep all of your downloaded and bookmarked videos in one place, making it easy to organise, watch and share your favourite videos whenever you want.

Combine with video download to expand your video library!

Bookmark This Video is quick and easy and lets you collect, organise and share videos from the web and saves space on your hard drive! Combine this great feature with Download This Video to download, convert and transfer your favourite videos to your mobile phone or tablet.

Feature Overview

  • Bookmark videos from 1000's of websites and watch or share them whenever you want.
  • Keep all of your favourite videos in one place.
  • Easily access bookmarked videos from within the RealPlayer library.
  • The browser plug-in works automatically on IE, Firefox, and Google Chrome
  • Select the ""Bookmark This Video"" option form the drop down on the “Download this Video” button on video websites
  • Single click to bookmark.
  • Share quickly and easily with friends on Facebook, Twitter and more.

To use this Basic feature

Download the Basic Player

Play. Download. Bookmark. Organize. Share.
  • Play almost any video file format easily
  • Download and bookmark videos from thousands of websites with one-click. Expand your video library!
  • Convert videos to the format of your choice

Version: | Updated: Aug 22, 2013
RealPlayer Basic features are free.


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