Download Videos Faster Download videos up to three times faster

You still get one-click download from hundreds of Web sites. But, the premium version is three times faster, which means three times the fun.

Download Videos Faster
Accelerator for RealPlayer Downloader

Downloader continues to be one of the favourite RealPlayer features. In the latest version of RealPlayer Plus 15, we offer you the ability to accelerate download speeds.

Download videos much more quickly

Download videos from websites much more quickly and use it to expand your private video collection or stock up on videos for a trip.

Feature Overview

  • Speed up your Downloads
    - Up to 3X faster than normal downloads
    - Parallel downloads to speed up performance
    - Full utilization of your Internet connection

To use this Premium feature

Download the Premium Player with TV & Movies

RealPlayer SuperPass - Premium Player with TV & Movies

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RealPlayer SuperPass

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RealPlayer Plus - Premium Player
  • Burn HD videos to DVD and watch them on TV or Blu-ray
  • Download web videos and transfer up to 100% faster
  • Watch MKV, WebM & more with advanced PlayPack
  • New! Music Cleaner to repair and organise your music

RealPlayer 16 | One-time fee of only $49.99 USD
Entitlements are activated immediately after purchase.

RealPlayer Plus

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