Private Mode Conceal what you download and watch

Private Mode allows you to hide some of your RealPlayer activity and lets you download and save video to a password-protected secure location. Private mode is a great way to keep others from stumbling onto content that you have chosen to keep private.

Private Mode
Store private files in a secure location

When you turn on Private Mode RealPlayer puts any videos you download into a hidden folder, you can also mark any existing clips as private and move these to your hidden folder. RealPlayer also changes the names of the video files in the hidden folder to random letters and numbers for extra security. When you turn off Private Mode your private files will be hidden and RealPlayer clears your now playing list, recent items list and RealDownloader.

Feature Overview

  • Switch on Private Mode to put any videos you download into a hidden folder.
  • Mark existing clips as private and these will move to your hidden folder
  • Trimming control lets you get down to the nearest key frame
  • Show your hidden files only when you are in Private Mode
  • Switch off Private Mode and private files will no longer show in your library
  • Switching off Private Mode also clears your Now Playing list and your Recent Items list

To use this Basic feature

Download the Basic Player

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  • Play almost any video file format easily
  • Download and bookmark videos from thousands of websites with one-click. Expand your video library!
  • Convert videos to the format of your choice

Version: | Updated: Aug 22, 2013
RealPlayer Basic features are free.


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