Download Videos Download videos from the Web, and save them to your PC.

The RealPlayer video downloader is quick and easy. The 'Download This Video' button will appear automatically when you play a video in your browser. Click on the button and the video starts downloading to your PC.

Download videos with RealDownloader

Download Web videos from your favourite video sites with a single mouse click. Plug-ins available for popular browsers (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Google Chrome).

Downloading videos made easy

A browser plug-in is included with the RealPlayer installation. When playing a web video in a browser, a button labeled “Download This Video” appears on the top right of the playback area. Simply click the button to download and save the video onto your PC.

Use this feature in combination with other features in RealPlayer to playback downloaded videos, convert them and copy them to iTunes or your devices.

Feature Overview

  • Download videos from websites and save or share them to the web
  • Support download of FLV and MP4 formats
  • Download multiple videos simultaneously
  • The browser plug-in works automatically on IE, Firefox, and Google Chrome
  • Show “Download this Video” button on video websites
  • Single click to start download
  • Seamless integration with Play, Edit, Convert, and Share features

To use this Basic feature

Download the Basic Player

Play. Download. Bookmark. Organize. Share.
  • Play almost any video file format easily
  • Download and bookmark videos from thousands of websites with one-click. Expand your video library!
  • Convert videos to the format of your choice

Version: | Updated: Aug 22, 2013
RealPlayer Basic features are free.


Premium Feature - "Download Videos Faster"

Download videos up to three times faster

You still get one-click download from hundreds of Web sites. But, the premium version is three times faster, which means three times the fun.

Feature Overview
  • Up to 3X faster than normal downloads
  • Parallel downloads to speed up performance
  • Full utilization of your Internet connection
Download Videos Faster

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